About Russian National Society of Evidence Based Pharmacotherapy

Russian National Society of evidence-based pharmacotherapy

The main purpose of the “Russian National Society of evidence-based pharmacotherapy” (further – the Society) is development of educational and scientific potential of the Russian Federation, bringing together professionals involved in the pharmacotherapy and other various fields of medicine.

The main goals

  • support active participation in educational programs for the study and implementation of the principles of rational drug therapy based on current international and national guidelines;
  • arrangement of scientific meetings, participation in congresses, conferences and exhibitions;
  • development of national guidelines for the prevention, diagnosis and managment of various diseases;
  • support of research programs and the implementation of their achievements into the clinical practice;
  • distribution of information concerning research, evidence-based medicine and clinical practice in electronic networks and different media;
  • publishing, participating in the publication of normative, scientific and educational literature, periodicals, support of medical publications;
  • providing information, marketing, consulting, mediation, representation, agency and other services for Russian and foreign specialists, pharmaceutical, medical institutions, organizations and individuals;
  • lectures and instructional activities

Projects conducted by experts of the Society:

“Health and Medical Education” – the project for health professionals of different specialities, was held in Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladivostok, Perm, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar, Irkutsk.

More than 600 doctors took part in the project, 65% were physicians and cardiologists.

“National guidelines for rational pharmacotherapy of cardiovascular diseases” – approved by a scientific union of medical and pharmaceutical universities of Russia as a teaching tool for the system of postgraduate and further professional education of physicians.

“Guidelines of Russian Society of Cardiology, 2011″ – “The efficacy and safety of drug therapy for primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease.”

The Society organised and provides at the moment a number of clinical studies and registries: LIS, KABRIOLET, CAMELIA; CARDIOKANON, ATLANT.

Detailed information about the Society can be found at our website: www.cardiodrug.ru

For contact: lydrozdova@gmail.com